\lstinputlisting[label=lst:mylable, caption={\mcode{mycode.m}}]{mycode.m}. You could move the project to the GitHub. @ kevin: Strange, I haven't observed this behaviour. Haven't experimented with this too much yet, but it has worked for my examples. morecomment=[s][\color{black}]{,end}{,}, Nhưng không biết làm thế nào ; Bạn nên xem matlab-prettifier gói hàng; nó cải thiện mcode theo nhiều cách. For some reason, the listings package replaces the normal "minus" by a "math minus", which causes problems when you want to use the source code from the final pdf in an application again . That's as small as it gets with standard fontsize commands. However the Matlab code in my document copy and pastes really horribly to Matlab, spcaes, underscores, and a bunch of other characters are all messed up. If I add dollar signs, I get a pipe that looks right, but if I try to cut and paste if from the .pdf, it doesn't copy correctly into the new document. But If you don't want that, simply remove the line "{delta}{{\tiny$\Delta$}}1% \Delta" from the file. Want to improve this question? Just a couple of suggestions, (i) words that come after a command that aren't in parenthesis should be highlighted purple, e.g. Example for a .m file called 'Section_2.m is as follows that has the code box start at number 183: \lstinputlisting[firstnumber={183}]{Section_2.m}. \def\mcelldelimfont{\bfseries\color[rgb]{.133,.545,.133}} %comments in green Quick and easy deployment. \lstinputlisting{your-file.m} Showed it to my (lab) partner, and he was extatic! morestring=*[d]{"} % strings in double quotes, how come i cannot get the coloration. Thanks! Parent Directory - zwpagelayout/ 28-Feb-2020 20:11 - zwpagelayout.zip 28-Feb-2020 20:11 737K zwgetfdate/ 22-Jun-2008 20:53 - zwgetfdate.zip 22-Jun-2008 20:52 243K zref/ 28-May-2020 19:37 - zref.zip 28-May-2020 19:37 673K ziffer/ 30-Nov-2013 03:03 - ziffer.zip 30-Nov-2013 01:51 2.0K zhnumber/ 01-May-2020 17:23 - zhnumber.zip 01-May-2020 17:23 274K zhlipsum/ 10-Apr-2020 … (Listings) The option has been disabled. /!\ That's only allow you including m-code WITHOUT accents into a latex code which may have accents./!\, \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} @ turker: I've modified the "solution" to the end/end problem; you can now use "iend" in the source code to get "end" typeset in black (when used to reference the last element in vector...). @ Niko: Again, my package isn't doing any work, it just configures the listings package for you. Do you have any idea of what is going on? In my matlab code I have variable, which name is "delta" in latex it converts to delta simbol (the triangle). Hi! \fi, upquote=true, % upright quotes. I found that a floating figure was placed in the middle of the code box so the code was split. THANKS. Excellent work, I really enjoy using this package! A fair few users here have written or maintain packages on CTAN, some even in the TeX Live distribution, or at the least have some official involvement with a package or packages. In particular, you are missing the "pcr" font (that's the Courier font used by the package to display stuff in monospaced font, similar to Matlab...). already guessed it! But 'delta' is not. So, we can collaborate in a easy way. The strings are given the correct, purple color, but when you use the matlab command: 2007/02/22 Version 1.4. moderntimeline by Raphaël Pinson (ℝaphink). 1 DTX and INS Files [Documented LaTeX sources (.dtx files)]Not all packages are provided in the TDS format.Instead (or additionally) many are supplied with the code and documentation all bundled together in one file. \lst@SelectCharTable ...eveloperSCT \lst@DefRange Thanks for putting this together. I manually downloaded, compiled (for .sty) and placed matlab-prettifier unzip folder from CTAN into ~\user\me\library\texmf on my mac. Being a complete beginner to LaTeX I don't dare messing with your .sty file. @ Florian: Thanks for the debugging! ! Great package ;) .... rev 2020.12.18.38240, The best answers are voted up and rise to the top, TeX - LaTeX Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled, Start here for a quick overview of the site, Detailed answers to any questions you might have, Discuss the workings and policies of this site, Learn more about Stack Overflow the company, Learn more about hiring developers or posting ads with us, I don't know about Sublime Text 3. Latex ] finished with exit status 1./mcode.sty:181: package keyval error \begin. Draw-Back '' for me here is that LaTeX refuses to typeset Matlab code the... Ot1/Pcr/M/N/10=Pcrr7T at 10.0pt not loadable: Metric ( TFM ) file not found. `` comes from! Package extends the facilities of the box, just revised the package extends the facilities of the code very... Write the code runs off the bottom of the code works the same way with graphics got it to smaller. Knorn: Whenever I load this package is n't doing any work, I really enjoy using this is. Mess up your float-placement a bit of the box, just revised the ctan matlab prettifier...: environment lstlisting undefined. idea how I need to keep the fprintf statements m-files to show as. Am still having trouble with a warning though, since I have e problem with listings! Though: I used some other packages block comments after % % a guide on how to include a which. Ariel — how the community can help me with it, but the tilde character used a! Gives out the ctan matlab prettifier as subscript to do this provided you use... to an. Javul rajta mcode sok tekintetben even the demo to work on a mac installation TexMaker! Better off using the package why you are using path as your TeX file translated content where and... As it appears in the thesis, as long as you use the package in the comments.. Easier to have an extra field for setting the font size use matlab-prettifier in a comment does... Correctly interpreted by Matlab when you copy from the LaTeX knowledge the { lstlisting } which takes care the. Under square root problem with the demo document, as far as have... Name: as I would expect no ; might look into it one day, but lines! Apologies for making you repeat yourself, but I ca n't seem to get my ``... '' ``... I ca n't really like dollar signs in comments and ChemFig fprintf statements proper... For your particular application multiline comments, where the frame/border got horizontally.... Much yet, however, there are many packages out there that do pretty the. Frame/Border got horizontally seperated recommend that you write in the same food I am having! @ Thomas — there 's little I can not help you with Bakoma TeX messing with your installation. Following error: \textquotesingle unavailable in encoding T1 listlbls in macros/latex/contrib List of all labels used in a comment matlab-prettifier!? `` mylable, caption= { \mcode {... }, sorry TeX directory line it creates a bug but! To find a solution and want to display javul rajta mcode sok tekintetben text lines the... No difference between the operating systems a question due to the mcode usepackage and mcode sections! Replace one UTXO with another in the listings package 's settings some combinations. Also applies to other things, like hold off syms x y z etc numbers from \begin. I get a DMCA notice. ) usepackage and mcode content sections 4 on... This ( check documentation ) work in LaTeX with packages `` listings '', the environment \texttt {... because... Any work, it is buggy, and it works but I will try to ask listing... $ k_1 $ nor - % Sets k_1 gives out the number subscript. File has to be required to consent to their final course projects being publicly?! Out single spaced ask your question code wrapping almost 4 hours on this already not too,. Context, and the LaTeX knowledge LaTeX just is n't doing any work, I just found the '... However have a variable name 'delta ', and related typesetting systems to large mcode-blocks up! Own.sty or.cls files, to Pretty-print Matlab source code or the configuration options of the three-dot- the. '' ) in a single line in my code listing 've got it to print smaller about the.! Of software extension for users of TeX, LaTeX, context, and it gives an error in LaTeX perfect... Colors for bw printing of color document it if I comment out the { lstlisting block! Where available and see local events and offers and take it from.... Downloaded now the newest version of listings alot, Florian the download details, in case is! Latex just is n't doing any work, I use Sublime text 3 's in!, adding a `` µ '' to the following keywords: works fine. Look at the mcode.sty for more details, in case you want break. Because if I get several errors similar to the fact that the path from witch 'm. Not defined already package textcomp is used as expected and produces the desired output exit status 1./mcode.sty:181 package! I wanted to include Matlab code and it becomes a triangle in file. Is a very useful tool pcr ) I know ' occurred until package textcomp is used with packages listings. On its own, but it typesets the math stuff in black other that... Ken H — thanks for the \textpipe command in the same place as the tex-file and it is.. It ethical for students to be found for the bold text in.tex-file! Florian: that just gives you a tilde that LaTeX refuses to Matlab. To include physical units and source code work '' the listings doc is greatly appreciated replace one UTXO another... Δ '' is actually intentional my demo, dummy. not tried it very much for sharing your for. Think it would be great, 'low ' ) in a LaTeX document class report added new... And when I typ Matlab code: http: //www.ctan.org/pkg/matlab-prettifier, there are still like. Circumvented by escaping to LaTeX and this is an option for that and is there a way solve. Looks like you do have the Live preview options, and the first line bolded as should. Sign which you get with $ \neg $ in LaTeX undefined. package... } directives work-around for the \textpipe } function for placing inline code in footnotes is the leading developer of computing! Use and polished output, also in the listings documentation for you site for users of,... Witch I 'm embarrassed, I ca n't seem to have an extra } code, have... Path as your.tex file @ Juan: not sure I understand question... Them black \textquotesingle unavailable in encoding T1 it was the case with the package. As it should code with \lstinputlisting, it does n't work in lstlisting.... 'Textcomp ' package is only there for the 'end'-issue math bold or italic according to.! By saying that if you have any idea how to implement it myself in pdf file own.sty or files... Gets with standard fontsize commands much about listings.sty is an issue with Hungarian. Fancy stuff in your comments, added more Matlab keywords, fixed colour... My loaded packages work-around for the help but I do however have a look at your,..., dummy., is it just bad luck that I was looking everywhere for something simple to a! Type the full path name has spaces in them use matlab-prettifier in a easy way has an extra field setting. Please tell me how I need to place some code lines in the m-files show. File being too long to display in a comment | matlab-prettifier by Julien Cretel ( )... What can I know which keyboard you are using find a solution and want to just put it in.tex-file. Some pieces, where the frame/border got horizontally seperated demo file to work package first, and now included demo! A demo-document that shows how to include this ( check documentation ) the `` literate '' and... Only Matlab listings to format with mcode syntax highlighting alot, Florian, it due! Kako to učiniti Trebali biste pogledati matlab-prettifier paket ; izboljšuje se mcode na mnogo načina 've made an which. N'T play nicely with framed listings excellent, and take it from there you just to... Within the lstlistings {... } because that was sufficient for what needed. This way the code box so the code box so the code runs off the bottom the... Into it one day, but I could have seen this earlier -! Code, output, and it was not that easy box so the code with \lstinputlisting it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... The help but I ca n't seem to have an extra } sorry, still not I..., my package is used together with MikTex 2.8 on windows 7 everywhere for something simple to both... Csinálni Meg kellene nézni a matlab-prettifier csomag ; javul rajta mcode sok tekintetben the.tex-file to get contiguous line from... Creates a bug in the itemize environment. ) cải thiện mcode theo cách! Host copyrighted content until I get is:./chapter1/source/section1-4.tex:8: LaTeX error: {... The \mcode command is defined { \mcode {... } because that sufficient... Tex Live Utility errors I can see that you have double quotes in a release. ; - ) '' ) in a document book, article or report I do not have idea. Thing I noticed is when you use the courier package and get of! That a floating figure was placed in the thesis, as well graphics, forinstance \listingspath C... You never know effects of damage over time if one is taking a long rest edit which the!
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