Shame on Honda! I called the dealership and they said to add oil. Never had an issue up to this point. I purchased a Honda for the first time after owning other cars because I was looking for something reliable. This is our third Accord, never had a problem with the earlier models, all lasted more than 200K miles. Maybe I should’ve!? Please keep me posted how to get on board with this law suit. Have a 2008 Accord experiencing same problem. Opened up a case with Honda of USA. Everyone thought it was my driving. Now i have an almost new engine now. Th is all started at around 36,000 miles. Dealer asks me to bring in every 1k mile for oil consumption test.but we all know the problem is there.What should i do? < 88K miles - Maintained the car religiously (can provide maintenance records) now I am told that I need to replace the Gasket and Short Block. 1 Answer. Recently it has been running and idling roughly and was misfiring during acceleration. Same sad story here. Now out of warranty, 125,000 miles, AM DEALING WITH CHECK ENGINE LIGHT GIVING CODES INDICATING NEED TO REPLACE TWO OF THE THREE CATALYTIC CONVERTERS. Added a quart of oil 6 months after I purchased it. Has made the grinding noise several times and checked the oil and it was out!!! 2010 V6 – Burns 1 quart every 500 miles. I was just told they are going to tear the engine down to a bare block and replace everything else. Work was recently completed at no charge except for the timing chain and tensioner they talked her into replacing as it was LOOSE, just for the parts though no labor. Use for comparison purposes only. Advanced Search. Within the first 1000 miles i noticed it gives a heavy puf of smove when atarting even when its warm. MENU. Like others of you, they say I pass the “oil consumption test but for 2500.00 they will fix the oil leak”. But at start up I could hear what I thought were valve lifters. It past 83,000mi now. Last oil change was less than 6k ago and now I’m getting another oil change. I mentioned the class action law suit and all the documented challenges on the internet . I have less than 100,000 miles , no letter sent from Honda about this and now they want $3,000 to do the work. Simple check is to start your vehicle and take the oil cap off and you’ll see blow by gases coming out? Now I am being told that the only other option is to have the internal seals replaced and rebuild the engine. Have owned 4 since 1988;10 in our immediate family. also i mentioned to the service representative about the service bulletin 12-087 and he said that the service bulletin only applies to cars that are under warranty. Due to the fact that the deadline for the class action suit has already ended, what do I do now if I missed it? So I took it to Honda, they couldn’t figure it out, basically told me to continuously check my oil. Bought a new 2010 Accord V6 in March 2010, needed new engine before it had 56K miles on it. They all failed. 300 miles. I had my 2010 Honda Accord engine rebuilt a few years ago as a result of the Honda oil consumption issue. OK, after going in circles with a honda dealership, they told me there’s nothing wrong with the car and the oil level is ‘within range’. Accord The 2009 Honda Accord Sedan has seating for up to five and 22 city with 31 highway miles per gallon. I have a 2009 Honda Accord that is also using oil at the rate of 1 qt every 1000 miles. Service manager at the dealer said “I need a new block”, but he needs authorization to perform work. Every time I see someone in the same model Honda Accord I share my story. I have contacted the dealership again and of course they know nothing about any of this. How can I get more information on being part of this class action suit. I had to no choice but to allow them to change the oil again. Its thoughtful design and sophisticated technology are hard to beat. When I checked the dip stick nothing registered on it. The lawsuit is seeking damages, restitution and injunctive relief for violations of the Consumers Legal Remedies Act, the Unfair Competition Law, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, and for breach of express warranty. I have all my records. Talk about the best acr in the world. Hopefully all will be fixed. Have been complaining of excessive oil consumption on the WIFES 2009 Accord 4 cyl.since it was purchased. Regular Gasoline. I have a 2009 Honda Accord, I had to replace the rear brakes twice by 90,000 miles. My 2008 4 cyl is doing the same thing also, revving between 1st and 2nd gear, dipstick at zero, oil lamp on briefly, when revving, they already replaced serp belts….what is the fix for this problem????? Took it to Honda and they said it was low on oil. Calls to Honda have been fruitless as well. Car is using 1.7qts per 1K miles which works out to a quart used in less than 600 miles. . I am a single mom and money is more than tight. The lone ranger approach does not work. If they don’t fess up and fix our cars or give us restitution I will spread the word that Honda is doing NOTHING to take care of their loyal customers. 2010 Honda Accord – the car started using oil right away. Same issue with my 2008 Accord 4-cyl now at 67K. Suggested watch oil consumption and change oil every 4,000 miles. I feel bad because I talked my wife into getting this car. checked oil… down 3 quarts! He then went to the business where we have our oil change and accused them of forgetting to put oil back into the car once they drained it. The cheapest way to go is going to cost over $1000 but I will still have the oil consumption issue. They would not give me a loaner car, and took SEVENTEEN DAYS to complete the repair. This happened for years and they could not figure out the problem. I really like the car, but probably wont keep it if I have to keep monitoring the oil level that closely. They said this is way out of spec but the dealership wanted to charge me over $1000 just to get an “official diagnosis” before they could fix it. Highway MPG: 30. highway. Every time I take my car in for the oil change it has been low on oil…I honestley don’t know what to do….I am also haveing problems with my leather on the arm rest…..and on the driver side door. 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I do not understand why Honda is ruining its reputation for quality by not dealing with this documented defect in a responsible manner. WHAT? My husband did not believe him…now we are going through it again but the oil light never alerts us…SOMETIMES it’s the engine light and sometimes NO LIGHT! The quality of Honda has really gone downhill. My accord has 72000 miles and has changed 3 spark plugs (the first one at 55000 miles and the other two at 65000 miles.The dealer did not admit it is a defect. ugh… I bought this as my first car because I thought honda’s where reliable! I failed to note in last comment my Honda is a 2008 Accord! That is ridiculous. Same issues just as every other v6 owner on here. However, why didnt honda put the same engine in the Acura TL into the accord v6??? Just came from the dealer’s service who said I need a new engine or a new car because of engine damage resulting in driving the car without oil in it. The noise always gets louder when an oil change is due, which is always prior to when the dealerhip estimates when my next oil change is due. It only has 17000 miles on it! Thought I was going crazy, so it’s nice to commiserate with others. I brought the car to a reputable mechanic and he told me about this problem that the 2008 has with oil consumption since I was dumbfounded as to how the car could have ZERO oil in it when I do scheduled maintenance ALWAYS…so now what??? I want to be part of this law suit. Found countless people who are experiencing these same problems and Honda plays dumb. It is obviously a problem. I never got a letter from Honda saying the warranty has been extended to 125,000 miles. Is there the same issue on the 6 cylinder? It eats tires and brakes and has an internal oil leak (assumed). I have a 2009 honda accord and its burning about 2 quarts between oil changes and I still owe on it been having this trouble for months how do I file on the lawsuit because honda needs to step it up n fix the problem ill never buy a honda again!!!!! But it gets worse!! I’m thinking of joining this lawsuit, and buying my next car from some other company. I don’t think that I will buy another honda. This is my 13th new Honda and my last one. Kinda like a carfax report, but now a computer report will be included. Honda has been trying to cover this up for too long and I am tired of playing their games. My 08, 4cyl just broke down. I was told one particular time that the grinding sound my car made was due to that reason. I also had the break, seat-belt and the dimming headlights every 21 seconds. I have followed the maintenace faithfully-for all the good it does. I am extremely pissed and upset with this matter. My 2009 Honda Accord EX-L started burning oil around the 30,000 mark and making a clacking noise on start-up. Love my car but not the problem….. WOW! I have 137,000 miles on my car and am using about a qt. To look at my 08, you would think it was brand new. The local shop is stating the first engine was replaced due to the lawsuit but this one is not covered. Told them about the light flashing.when they checked the oil it was found to be down 2.2 quarts. How can I be added to the lawsuit? I have also spoke with Honda representatives through their Twitter site and I am not satisfied with their replies. Now they say the other two are bad at 140,000 miles. At around 65k miles, I began to notice greater oil consumption. Honda Accord Euro 8th Gen (2009-2015): 15 questions on Australia's largest opinion site It’s going in for a short block and rings again in a couple days. Very unhappy. Honda accord 2009 v6 – just replaced spark plug 4 and 5 at 68500 miles. If Honda doesn’t act fast I won’t be buying another Honda ever again. This engine sucks!!! I opt out to not buy the extended warranty because I thought it’s a Honda, it will go forever. I went thru the misfire issue with my 2010 Honda Accord v6 from July 2013 to Feb 2014. Added a whole quart of oil. We’ve taken it to the dealership, and also gotten a second opinion from a Honda Specialist Mechanic shop. It features a 2.0-litre 16-valve DOHC Atkinson cycle engine with greater than 40 per cent thermal efficiency. A year ago I had a spark plug replaced after the car was misfiring and overheating. We have 9 Hondas in our family but some of us are looking into a different purchasing a different model and make! I too have the problem on my 2008 honda accord ex-l v6. I have been watching the excessive use of oil for about a year now. Have had the same issue, but burning more than a quart per thousand miles. Oil consumption problem for 2 plus years on my 2008 Honda Accord V6.