We were doing fine on our own. In addition to the chicken, a two piece meal, the "Menu Campero", comes with french fries, a roll, and a soda. Choice of Campero Fried, Grilled, or Both (Fried & Grilled). And it’s about the people. OA_show(22); // ]]> -->, My Type of New Years Party - It's Midnight Somewhere - December 31st, 12:00 pm - 7:00 pm, Posted on 1.1g 11 Pollo campero takeout delivery 40 photos 73 reviews fast review pollo campero crunchy bowl brand eating central american style fried en recipe bon appetit pollo campero sauce recipe amtrecipe co 18 talking about this. In 2007 the company opened a restaurant in Shanghai, its first in China. PLUS, the price was about $6US or Q42.75. Very very tasty. As always, feel free to contact me with any and all questions you have. OMG, how I've missed you guys. before you order, which makes for a well-informed decision making process. We offer a variety of chicken recipes: traditional hand-breaded, citrus grilled & very soon extra crispy. '&charset='+document.characterSet : '')); In fact, I would just order 10 biscuits, forget the chicken and feel sick to my stomach. Includes 4 Pieces of Chicken, 2 Sides, and Choice of Tortilla or Dinner Roll. The attendant has radioed him. [CDATA[ I thought my stomach was now made of iron, but I guess each area, each city has its own little friends , We have a Pollo Campero here in the New Orleans area. January 8th, 2017 Choice of Campero Fried, Grilled or Both (Fried & Grilled). Lo cierto…, Pollo de payés rustido con butifarras Esta fué mi comida del día de año nuevo, un contundente asado de pollo de corral y butifarras con su jugo con un acompañamiento de champiñones salteados con ajo y perejil y unas patatas sarladesas muy sui generis. Esta es otra manera de preparar unas pechugas camperas, con el vermouth, la cebolla y las hierbas se convierte en un plato festivo. Chicken Thigh in your choice of recipe: Campero Fried or Grilled. I had been scolded for taking a photo at the counter. [CDATA[ There are many legends about their specialty – the fried chicken. Esta es la receta secreta para Pollo Campero tal y como lo disfrutamos en El Salvador y en todo Centro América. // ]]> -->, , , , , . OA_show(4); What I did notice is that this empire is SO SMARTLY RUN. Things moved quickly and I was escorted to the dining area resplendent with a fountain and about 100 booths and table. As discussed on my friedchickenblog, the actual recipe is a mix of spices, flour and bread crumbs. A maitre d.  Armed with an elaborate headset, a computer slung around his hips and a cleanly pressed dress shirt and pants, he already knew that I wanted a table for one. Prices on this menu are set directly by the Merchant . The first is, that the aroma from the boxes of chicken on flights from El Salvador’s airport (an insanely busy Pollo Campero restaurant) to the U.S. are so ridiculously overpowering that headquarters is working on a special insulted box for transportation. The technology, service (waiters and waitresses! When choosing your flight times, please allow 45 minutes upon landing to clear customs and to check in and pay at Tropic Air. the fried chicken here is not your typical, heavily … T... En esta ocasión vamos a realizar una receta de pollo deliciosa y muy fácil. there are RULES and REGULATIONS you need to know before you book anything! Choice of Side: Campero Rice, French Fries, Mashed Potatoes, Campero Beans (Contains Pork), Coleslaw. Clearly all of Central America is right and I am wrong but I’m not a big fan. The attendant told me to take a seat. I picked up a little friend (or one million) in Guatemala. [CDATA[ VERY tasty . Here is a copycat version of their fried chicken: // ]]> -->,