Once you install a gas log set, it becomes a gas-fired-appliance. LESLIE: Jo in North Carolina has some concerns about a gas fireplace. 2004-2019 © Woodland Direct, Inc. All Rights Reserved. All gas fireplaces should have a protective screen over the glass – and in fact, all fireplaces are required to as of January 1, 2015, as part of the new standards issues by … And, if you are interested in learning more about our other heating products, such as gas logs, decorative gas stoves, gas inserts, or generators, Breakaway can help you with these as well. Most gas logs are made of a ceramic or refractory cement mixture that has been designed to withstand high temperatures. TOM: No, not slightly open; all the way open. This makes them inefficient sources of heat. You may use a gas conversion kit to convert your vented propane log set to natural gas, however, the conversion kit you use must be approved by the manufacturer first to ensure a safe installation. Yes, a safety pilot will eliminate the potential risk of propane gas pooling up in your fireplace if you ever have a gas leak. Whether it is gas fires in Stockport, one must see the advantage of gas logs and will it work with gas fireplace. Ventless gas logs are designed to achieve a clean, smokeless flame, so they don’t require the use of a chimney and can be used with the damper closed. Shut off the gas supply: If your fireplace is already configured for a gas log application, then be sure to shut off the gas supply before attempting these procedures. When you are burning your fire with open doors, you may want to think about protecting your castle and your loved ones with either a mesh or a decorative fireplace screen. Read our gas log buying guide to find out everything you need to know! Unlike the latter type, gas fireplaces save you from removing ashes and cleaning up debris from time to time. Inserts are self-contained units that slip into a firebox. She won't have the wood mess any longer and we've decided to convert to a zero clearance gas fireplace for several reasons I won't bore you with. If you are choosing fireplace products for a new fireplace consider the differences between these two options. Gas Log Size Calculator. Venting a fireplace is especially complicated in retrofit installations, where it can be … Your gas logs will also need to be cleaned periodically to remove soot buildup, especially if your logs are fueled by propane gas. Whatever decision you make regarding fireplace doors or screens, please use them as intended so there aren’t any accidents due to misuse. A log set is a kit with a burner, grate and logs that sits inside the old fireplace, typically using the chimney for venting. They add a lot of fashion to any room, and are often used as a focal point when they’re not in use. Read more about gas log valves and controls here. Simply measure the front width, rear width, depth, and height of the firebox. Most modern gas only fireplaces with fixed glass do not require a hearth extension. A manual valve, also known as a key valve, is used with match-lit ignition systems. Gas fireplaces need noncombustible flooring. They produce tall, golden flames and are a very realistic-looking replacement for real wood logs. However, in general, the process looks somewhat like this: What are the shipping options for gas fireplace logs? Find out if a vented or ventless log set is right for you! I think you need to do a little more studying. As I stated earlier, the decision to use either a fireplace screen or a fireplace door is entirely up to you. This will allow the burner to be centered in the fireplace. For any installation of a gas fireplace, or repair of a heating product , it is important to always work with a certified HVAC professional. Step 1: Measure Your Fireplace. If you are installed a new fireplace in an area you … Always check the manufacturer's sizing requirements and recommended clearance to combustibles before purchasing a log set to ensure you get the proper size. If you select a gas fireplace, for example, you will at the very least need to have a licensed plumber check your gas line and connect it to your fireplace. The installation of the gas line and gas log set will need to be done by a licensed gas professional. Gas Fireplaces need an annual inspection in order to keep up to snuff. Gas … If the flame ever goes out, the safety system will shut off the gas keeping you and your home protected. Do you have more questions for us? by Lou Curley | Jun 17, 2014 | Chimney Inspection, The decision to use a fireplace screen boils down to personal preference. Because gas fireplaces burn clean and are very easy to take care of, some assume that this means it doesn’t need cleaning. If you’d like to use your gas fireplace without logs, you also have the option to use fireplace glass instead. In a nutshell, the fireplace door helps maintain temperature instead of protecting against burning embers. Gas fireplaces need less care, maintenance and cleaning than the traditional wood fire. They often have dedicated venting and can offer the same heating and efficiency features as a built-in. You may even be able to completely convert your gas log set to a remote control system with variable flame and thermostatic controls. Then of course, the decision is yours – Do you need one? Either of those scenarios create the potential for a fire and serious damage to furniture and injury to people or pets who lie near the fire. © LOU CURLEY'S CHIMNEY SERVICE. Hansen Wholesale has a helpful tip for you today. Like screens, they can be purchased to complement nearly any decor, and they add a lot of fashion to any room. When gas fireplaces burn, their glass coverings get dangerously hot. Some vented gas log sets can be converted from propane to natural gas, but ventless gas log sets cannot. Both have an individual purpose, and serve their purpose well when used as intended. For example, if the fireplace is a high efficiency wood burning unit, a … You can buy them to complement nearly any decor. Gas fireplaces are considered gas appliances, not true fireplaces. In today’s blog I’m going to discuss a few different types of fireplace screens and fireplace doors, and their functions. The best rated gas fireplace logs product is the Split Red Oak 18 in. A propane gas leak can easily go unnoticed and if enough gas pools up, you could have a potentially hazardous situation. The manufacturers usually require a 36" clear space in front (no furniture, etc.). With any fireplace installation, a major issue is venting the exhaust gases, whether it is simple smoke from a wood-burning fireplace, or the exhaust fumes produces when you burn gas. All Rights Reserved. Fireplace doors are also available in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and finishes. Home » Blog » Do You Need a Fireplace Screen? Vented sets require the chimney damper to stay open at all times to prevent the buildup of harmful combustion by-products, so almost all of the heat produced is lost through the chimney. Your gas logs should complement the size of your fireplace, but they do need to allow extra room on the sides for air flow to keep the gas valve from overheating. The rust (and sometimes the age) of a mesh curtain can make it hard to close. For example, if the fireplace is a high efficiency wood burning unit, a gas log set cannot be installed. They’ll walk you through the process step-by-step! Ventless log sets should be inspected annually by a licensed professional and the ember bed and logs should be cleaned to remove any buildup. Some ceramic logs may change color slightly with extended use while refractory ceramic logs will retain their color and details much longer. You’ll need to measure the firebox in order to determine what size gas log set will fit your fireplace properly. Though there are a few exceptions for some models of a gas fireplace, it … Fireplace Log Set for Ventless, Electric Outdoor Fireplaces Fire Pits Realistic Use in Indoor Gas Inserts Vented Electric or Outdoor Fireplaces Fire Pits 10 Piece Set of Ceramic Wood Logs. As a matter of terminology. Vent-Free Gas Fireplace Logs With Remote. Make an appointment with a certified chimney sweep at least once per year to inspect your chimney and flue to ensure proper functionality. Over time, some parts may need to be replaced on your log set, but there’s virtually no daily maintenance. To understand what size gas logs you need, you’ll need to take a few different factors into consideration, including the size of your fireplace and the size of your gas logs’ fuel control system. They have absolutely nothing to with how the burner works. Gas appliances are not permitted to have manual dampers, as you found in the code section you referenced. If you have vented gas logs, you’ll need to have your chimney inspected and swept once a year. Built-ins are freestanding appliances that you enclose with framing and wall finishes. In most cases, yes, both vented and ventless gas logs can be installed in a fully functioning wood burning fireplace. Each venting option has its advantages. There are some scenarios that will not allow for the installation of a gas log set in your fireplace. Gas Log Sets are usually divided into two categories, Vented and Vent Free. This makes ventless gas log sets very efficient supplemental sources of heat. The mesh is actually designed to prevent folks (especially young children and animals) from touching the glass and getting burned. Vented gas log sets offer a full, authentic-looking flame presentation with plenty of ambiance while ventless gas log sets provide a reliable and efficient heating source. Check out our top 6 reasons why gas logs are a great alternative to wood burning fireplaces! Remove the gas logs from the fireplace and take them outside for cleaning. Let’s get started…. Read more about the different gas log control options here. You may even choose to use each to protect your furnishings, pets, and children during times of high usage, and to increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling methods during warmer months. Some gas fireplaces are built with "zero-clearance" fireboxes, meaning you can put combustible materials right up to the sides, front and bottom. How to Replace Gas Logs. SIGN UP FOR UPDATES AND EXCLUSIVE SAVINGS. The only reason there is any fake logs in the first place is to make it look more like a real fire. Yes, you can add a remote to your gas log set after it’s been installed and the log set is already equipped with a millivolt valve. How much do gas fireplace logs cost? There are some scenarios that will not allow for the installation of a gas log set in your fireplace. | Designed by Spark Marketer | Privacy Policy | Sitemap, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Tackling Fireplace Inspections & Repairs Throughout Delaware County, PA, Servicing The Chimney For Your Furnace, Boiler & Water Heater, Offering Customers In Delaware County A New Year’s Chimney Sweeping, Always Hire A CSIA Certified Company To Avoid Fires & Carbon Monoxide Exposure. The replacement process for gas logs varies depending on the model you’ll be installing. Be gentle with your brushing because you don't want to damage the fragile logs. The safety pilot will ensure gas can’t accidentally pass through the burner while it’s not in use, eliminating the risk of gas buildup. Gas fireplaces can provide many of the benefits of a traditional fireplace without the need for procuring wood and cleaning up fireplace ash. However, gas inserts will usually produce less heat than a built-in gas fireplace. You just need to clean it out (including its glass), once or twice a month and you’re done. The safety pilot stays lit, just like the standing pilot on a hot water heater, so you can simply turn the control knob to light the fire. A fireplace insert door protects from possible sparks and harmful gas byproducts. Want to know more about gas logs? What is the best rated gas fireplace logs product? Open (no glass doors), like Isokern or FireRock, with add on gas burning unit, fake ceramic logs. Like gas logs and gas fireplaces, your gas insert comes in the vented and vent-free models. He will tell you if chimney sweep is required and what other things need’s to be done. This is a very important practice, which many people overlook. 99 Fireplace screens are available in a huge variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and finishes. After this initial period, they may continue to have a slight scent during use. As I stated earlier, the decision to use either a fireplace screen or a fireplace door is entirely up to you. All gas fireplace logs can be shipped to you at home. Sparks and embers generally aren’t an issue with gas fireplaces, so if that’s what you have you may not need one. Read more about vented versus ventless gas logs here or check out our gas log buying guide here. it is no longer a solid-fuel-burning appliance. Some gas logs may release an odor and possibly some smoke during their initial burn. It's recommended that ventless gas log sets be vented during their initial burn period to remove any odor or smoke produced. Manual valves are either located within arms reach of the firebox or they can be an inline shut-off valve located on the inside of the firebox. Since they don’t require a chimney, 100% of the heat produced is circulated back into the room, rather than escaping up the chimney. Brush off the gas logs. Regardless if you have vented gas logs in your masonry fireplace, or vent-free logs in your prefabricated unit, your fireplace doors should always been open and the mesh screens closed when using your gas logs. The burner is located under the fake logs. Feel free to comment below to let me know your opinions on fireplace screens and doors. Sometimes steel reinforcement bars are added to the inside of the logs to increase their strength and to prevent them from bending or cracking under extreme heat. Fireplace doors keep the temperature inside the room without allowing heat to enter through the chimney during the summertime. Your fuel type and the way you want to control your fireplace will affect the size of the logs you can use, too. This promotes adequate air flow to the gas logs. If your fireplace is vented, then the odor will escape up the chimney and won’t be very noticeable. The first thing you’ll need to do is measure your fireplace. Sounds like you put more importance on making a buck than in helping people. You may even choose to use each to protect your furnishings, pets, and children during times of high usage, and to increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling methods during warmer months. In a nutshell, a fireplace screen is only functional while you actively have a fire burning. Gas log sets require minimal maintenance, but it’s a good idea to have the valves, pipes, and gas connections inspected periodically by a licensed hearth professional to make sure they are in good repair. Although the mesh is designed to tolerate high heat, as mentioned earlier, it does eventually become rusty. Fireplace doors and screen keep your family and home safe. And I was under the impression that when I operate the gas logs, that I need to have the chimney flue slightly open. The primary function of a fireplace screen is to keep ash and embers from blowing into the room if you have a down draft or if a drifting log disrupts the underlying embers. The most critical dimension for sizing is the Middle Width Dimension of the fireplace. Gas logs can become brittle and may break after extended use and would not be covered under warranty if this occurs outside of the original conditions. Plus, if some freak accident occurs and the fireplace glass shatters due to the fire’s heat, the curtains will help contain the mess. It’s actually an old wood burning fireplace (house built in 1928) but it has a gas log insert that also looks quite old. Upon inspection I found a squirrel’s nest half way down the flue. Because a gas fireplace is tapped directly into a gas line, certain precautions must be taken for safety, and certain aesthetic features of a fireplace are added artificially. Use our Gas Log Calculator to find the gas log size you need Most fireplaces are tapered (front width is larger than the rear width). Please note, when you purchase a gas log set the warranty is only valid for the original owner and for the original fireplace the log set was installed in. $39.99 $ 39 . Both have an individual purpose, and serve their purpose well when used as intended. The functionality of a fireplace screen is something I personally feel is extremely important. The functionality of fireplace doors is quite a bit different from screens, because doors are used to cut the chimney off from the rest of the room. I received a call from a man saying he would start his gas log fireplace and the CO alarm would sound off. The owners manual for all gas logs will tell you that you must have some type of screen in front of the fireplace...but that they must be burned with glass doors opened. Safety Screens a Must for Gas Fireplaces With Glass Fronts New gas fireplaces must come with mesh safety screens, but older models still pose a risk By Consumer Reports Chimney sweeping true stories. It's important to check the manufacturer's installation requirements before installing a gas log set in your fireplace. They also reduce heating costs, prevent children and pets from getting burned, and increase efficiency. A manual safety pilot ignition is a gas valve that incorporates a safety system with a flame-sensing thermocouple. In most cases, yes, both vented and ventless gas logs can be installed in a fully functioning wood burning fireplace. Read more about the advantages of gas logs here. Once wood burning, always wood burning. Vented gas logs are designed to be used in an existing wood burning fireplace with a fully functional chimney. Because fireplaces produce so much heat, you may be worried that the surrounding materials on your floors could become damaged. Gas logs are not safe to install in a gas fireplace. What can we do for you? Also, like a gas log, you usually need an existing fireplace or chimney to install. I'm trying to compare two different types, both about 50,000 BTU and zero clearance rated: 1. Depending on your current configuration, you will need to do one of two things: install a gas line or shut off the gas supply. It depends on the type of log set. This depends on your fireplace. This will require a burner pan that is made for fire glass. It may sound odd, but it is entirely accurate. JO: Yeah, I moved into this house about 12 years ago and the gas logs were already here. Use a soft paintbrush to brush away any dirt or debris from the logs. As such, they are not regulated by the same safety codes as wood-burning fireplaces, and each model has its own requirements. Contact one of our NFI Certified specialists at (800) 919-1904 today! The fire produced by a ventless set, however, may not be as realistic as a vented set. ), addresses the often-confusing difference between a gas log set and a fireplace insert.There are some important distinctions, and Felix spells them out for you so you have the right information as you finish your project.

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